Randall Tan began his claim to fame as a ( Television Corporation of Singapore ) Fame Awards finalist in 1995. He then went on to act in various Mediacorp Channel 5’s popular TV dramas and tele-movies such as “Growing Up”, “Moulmein High”, “Light Years”, “Blueprint”, “First Touch”, “Beautiful Trio”, “Chase” and “Mental”, plus several local films such as “The Teenage Textbook Movie”, “Chicken Rice War”, “Kallang Roar The Movie” and more recently “Twisted the Movie”.

Being a fashion model was naturally on the cards for this multi-talented actor as Randall dabbled into the modeling world to do fashion editorials and advertorials.

With his exuberant personality, Randall also has a flair for television hosting with sports and travel shows like Mediacorp Channel 5’s “Fair Match” and “Good Bargain Good Fun”. His live-show hosting portfolio includes numerous road-shows, dinner/dances, launches, and corporate videos.

Randall is passionate about sports and enjoys participating in various triathlons, marathons and other sporty events. He is currently the President of the Celebrities Sports Club (S) which brings together celebrities from Channel 5, Channel 8 as well as Independent artistes with a common love for sports.  These sports include football, golf and basketball.

His love for technical gadgets, fashion, sports and lifestyle has also made him brand celebrity ambassador for various companies like Adidas and Oakley.

Presently, Randall is married to fellow Singapore actress and host, Melody Chen.


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