Rain and Another Interview

The rain has been creating havoc with our training plans.

Will it ever stop Yo! I don’t know……

Seriously now, I really need to clock in some mileage before my next quest.  In case you guys didn’t know, I will be running for a cause this year at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.  I will be running for charity and the charity that I have chosen is The Singapore Cheshire Home.  So just in case you would like to donate to my cause, do visit my charity page and help me out here.

We also did another interview for Kallang Roar The Movie on Razor TV.  This time round, we had Anuar and Ezaad together with Ding An and myself.  Was really a quick interview which was very relaxed and comfortable.

There is supposedly another cast appearance this Sunday but because I will be working from Thursday to Sunday, I will not be able to join them.

And if you have not caught Kallang Roar The Movie, make sure you do before it ends.  It’s a bit of sporting history that we can all learn from and be proud of…..


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