Stand Up and Applaud Them….

…. and I mean it.

Our paralympians are doing so well in the paralympics and yet, no one seems to want to give a hoot.

Yes, we got the silver in the Olympics, but was there any big hoo haa about us getting the Gold in the Paralympics? Nooooo. Anything about breaking the world record? Nooooo.  Except for the updates and an article here and there, no one said anything.  Why?  They train just as hard.  If not harder.  They get past all their disabilities, to do the nation proud.  They are the true heroes.

Heroes that we can really be proud to call our own and be proud of.

Read in the papers today that a German company dealing in prosthetics at the games village even gave a couple of paralympians new limbs so that they can compete for free.  Now that is something to really applaud. That just got me thinking, is there any way we can actually support these athletes more?

Can we recognize them more?

Until we find a way to I suggest we all stand up and give these SINGAPOREAN athletes a big round of applause!

Yip Pin Xiu and Laurentia Tan…. we are proud of you!


2 thoughts on “Stand Up and Applaud Them….

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