I Just Don’t Understand

I was at the hospital again to relieve my aunty so she could go back and cook dinner for my grandma.  I was there also to keep my grandma company and so my mum didn’t need to be there so early.

But while I was there, I just didn’t understand how the nurses could allow the relatives of the patient lying opposite my grandma to stick around (all six of them, during non-visiting hours) making a whole lot of noise.  They were just talking amongst each other as well as with the patient, but because the patient didn’t talk too much, most of the talking was done amongst themselves.  Plus, can I also say that they obviously didn’t know that they could put their phones on silent mode instead of letting it ring and ring for ages before answering it.

There was just too much chatter to allow my grandma to get her much needed rest.  It didn’t help that the relatives of another patient hijacked one of the chairs that belonged to my grandma’s bed and didn’t return it even though he saw me standing there.

Ok, yes, I was there during non-visiting hours  with my wife but we had our phones on silent mode and didn’t make any noise.  I also had to borrow another patient’s chair.  But I only did it because she didn’t have any guests or visitors.

Somehow, today was the day the student nurses also decided to do their rounds and they themselves didn’t keep the noise level down.  There were about 10-12 of them going round, reading the patient’s files, taking temperature etc etc.

It was just very disturbing that nobody realized this.  Maybe instead of having all these campaigns to get Singaporeans to clear their trays and plates etc at foodcourts, they should have one on making sure visitors to patients in hospitals know how to put their phones on silent mode and keep the bloody noise down.



One thought on “I Just Don’t Understand

  1. Have u seen some of the visitors setting up a picnic on the blardi floor of the wards and eating??!!! man, I was appalled to say the least.

    Ok, u join my Goodness Gracious Campaign pls and me will include this appeal to teach graciousness in hospitals as well.

    PS me thinks they were talking abt the celebrities in the ward la 😛

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