6 More Days

So the public holiday had come and gone…. which only means one thing….. it is 6 more days to the Big Apple!!

Baby and I have been planning this holiday for the longest time and finally it is just in the horizon.  So while my dear wife is switching (or should I say already switched off) on her training after her run on Sunday, I am still trying to squeeze in as much training as I can before we leave and I won’t be able to train because it will be too darn cold and our itinerary will not leave me much time to do any training….

I will however pack some running gear, so should I be able to squeeze in some cold weather running… I will try…. no promises but I will try.

Another update, which is also a huge relief for the whole family is that my dearest grandma is out of hospital… finally!

I tell you, being in hospital and trying to recover can be the hardest thing to do when everything around you is so depressing and seriously not conducive if you are trying your hardest to make a full recovery.  My uncle and aunty as well as my mum have also realized this and cannot wait to get her out so she can slowly recover at home.

Well, she is at home right now, and when Mel and I visited her today, she had a few gripes and is still getting used being at home again, I could tell she was glad to be home.  Aiyah, we were all glad to see her back home.  I am quite sure with all the love and care that is being showered upon her, she will make the quickest recovery ever!

Anyways, things are looking up and let’s hope that it continues to do so……

Nitey nite all!


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