Chiang Mai Day 1

So we left Singapore bright and early.  We got my parents to send us to the airport  cos we had to check in by 6 plus in the morning.  Well, we got our boarding passes and decided to get some brekkie since we still had a lot of time.

Breakfast consisted of two half boiled eggs, kaya toast and a super kao cup of coffee…..

Soon enough, it was time for us to head on in, so we said our goodbyes to my folks and went to find our boarding gate.  I tell you, the feeling of excitement every time I go to the airport before going for a holiday will always be the same.  Even from the times when I used to fly the friendly skies.  There usually is this buzz I get when I am walking towards the gate and even when I board the plane.

This time, our trip will be on Thai airways and we will have a stopover in Bangkok before transferring to a domestic flight to Chiang Mai.  This is my very first time to Chiang Mai so I am even more excited.  But, not as excited as my mother in law and aunty who couldn’t wait to show me every nook and cranny of Chiang Mai.

After we arrived, we were met by my mother in law’s brother who took my father in law and some of the bags while the rest of us piled into a taxi and headed to the hotel.  We got to the hotel, checked in and went straight out to get some lunch at a nearby  shop selling the local version of yong tau foo and noodles.  We also had the local popiah and it was good although it was a bit sweet.

We all went back to the hotel for a short nap before heading out again in the evening for dinner and shopping at the night bazaar.  We also found a tour operator just opposite the hotel which also doubles up as an internet cafe where we got to check our emails and stuff, it was cheap!  I will leave this entry with our first picture in beautiful Chiang Mai ……



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