Monday Ride…… again

So yet again, Mel and I drove down to the East to meet up with the Monday Ride Crew for our usual Monday Ride (Duh!)

The day started out really nice!  Bright and sunny, with the nice shade provided by the trees and great company.  I usually enjoy myself because of the simplicity of it all.  Just us and our trusty steeds to bring us to the place where there is carrot cake aplenty, sour plum drinks flow endlessly as well as the abundance of chwee kueh.  Throw in some great company and a comfortable ride…. and there you have it….. the bestest Monday ride you could have.


I definitely have to add in the fact that I am also doing this together with the love of my life.  I must say, doing stuff, any kind of stuff, be it playing ping pong, running, vegetating, indoors or outdoors, as long as it is with your partner, will always be the kind of experience you would never want to forget and you keep wanting to do it more and more.

I love it when my wife is with me, doing things together with me…..  


Alas…. all good things must come to an end….

We were almost at the end of our ride, when the skies decided to open up and boy! did the rain fall!  We were drenched and had no choice but to take cover under one of the blocks that was along the way back.



Well, in the end, we did make it back, but not before getting even more drenched in the rain that decided to come down even harder when we thought it was letting up.  But, nevertheless, we did had loads of fun.

So here’s wishing one and all, a great week ahead!

ps. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but they were taken with my camera phone (2mp mind you)


2 thoughts on “Monday Ride…… again

  1. Oooh, that char kway teow and chee kwey look dem shiok lah!!! Oh, n sorry u got drenched! Heaven’s blessings lah :O)

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