I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed

So, I am guessing everyone has been following the World Cup in South Africa really closely and I am sure that you’ve been enjoying the matches as well as the goals scored.  Now, if you are wondering what I am getting at, well, hold your horses, I am just getting to it.

You’ve seen Messi mesmerizing his opponents and Villa scoring with ease.  But, have you ever wondered what is their choice of footwear?  Well, it is none other than the highest scoring boot in the World Cup 2010… the fastest and lightest boot…. weighing in at a measly 165g, the F50 Adizero!

I attended the launch of this beauty recently and had the opportunity to try them out for myself, and since that day, I have been lusting for this awesome pair of boots.  They were light and comfortable and I must say, very eye catching with the colorways. It is almost a chameleon type of color.

At the launch, I also got to meet some of the Albirex Niigata players from the current S-league season.  They showed of their skills with the F50 adizero and man! These guys are really fast.  Cool bunch of guys too.  Managed to get a picture with them and I went away wishing I had half the skills of these guys. Ok ok, one quarter will be good too!

Well, the semi finals are up next and no prizes for guessing who we’re backing…..

After the England/Germany game

and this was after last night’s Argentina Germany game.

Personally, I would like to see those three stars become four…. only time will tell…..


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