Go Rocket Man Go!

Mel and I were recently given the opportunity to attend the Singapore Airlines International Cup and Krisflyer International Sprint at the Singapore Turf Club.

I myself, have never been to the new Turf club, let alone watch a horse race live.

I mean, you’ve heard about it, seen pictures, watched documentaries, watched movies, about it, but never seen it live. So, you could imagine my excitement when this opportunity came up.

When we finally got there, the atmosphere was almost electric.  You could feel the anticipation of the punters, especially when the race was going on and everyone was shouting and cheering.  Phew! I am getting goosebumps just re-living the image in my mind.

We were ushered to the Marquee, where we were served drinks, food in an air-conditioned hall.  TV screens lined the back wall where you could keep tabs on the races coming up, watch the race itself, and even see who will be racing.  But, if you want to catch the action live, you could head out to the open air area, and actually watch the horses thunder past you about a hundred meters away from you.

The race starts and I'm hoping that my selection wins...

Come on Flying Fulton (No. 9)!!!

Yes!!!! Flying Fulton wins!!!!!

After grabbing some food and drinks and watching the next race, we were brought down to see the introduction of the jockeys who were riding in the next race and thereafter to see the horses being paraded.   Owners, VIPs, guests, as well as public from the gallery get to see the horses just before they race as they are walked around the parade ring.  You could tell that these horses were ready and raring to go.

The jockeys being introduced to the crowd.

Man! I look like a giant next to the jockeys. Guess which profession I will never join.

Then there was a mad rush because everyone was trying to get in a last minute wager for the race.  After that,  it was back to the front gallery to watch the race unfold.

The race starts, there’s mad cheering, we watch the screen, then try to catch of the glimpse of the horses, can’t see them cos they’re too far, then it’s back to the screen, the crowd cheers get louder, the horses come round the corner, you hear the thundering of the hooves get louder and louder, the cheering gets louder too, the horses thunder past you, the crowd is going crazy and there is a winner!  Rocketman wins the Krisflyer International Sprint!!!  Rocketman was a pre-race favourite and he lived up to his reputation.

Rocket Man's owner. Too happy for words.

Straight after the race, was the prize presentation and we got to witness that first hand.  The joy and elation was evident on the owners face and tears filled his eyes.  He was one happy man!

We then made our way back to the Marquee to enjoy the rest of the evening.

All in all, I had a really great time at the races and look forward to the next time I get to see the beautiful horses thunder down the final furlong.

…. Oh! Before I forget, if you do happen to want to put a small wager on the races, please remember to do it responsibly. 


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